Program Areas


The Lloyd A. Fry Foundation understands that effective primary care is essential to improving patient outcomes. The Foundation’s Health Program is committed to increasing access to high quality primary care and reducing health care disparities for Chicago’s low-income residents.

HealthTo accomplish these goals, we are interested in supporting:

  • Efforts to implement medical-home models of care which provide comprehensive integrated primary care services across multi-disciplinary team members in single or multiple settings. And we are especially interested in coordination efforts that focus on patients with chronic diseases that disproportionately affect communities of color (asthma, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS).
  • High quality primary care services that are not widely available to low-income populations (especially dental, vision, and mental health). In support for mental health services, we give priority to high quality family-based mental health treatment services for children who suffer from the effects of traumas stemming from abuse, neglect, or violence.
  • Community outreach to connect hard-to-reach individuals with high-quality primary care. We give priority to programs that partner with clinics and hospitals for referrals and follow-up to ensure that patients show up at appointments and follow treatment recommendations. We are also interested in innovative partnerships with clinics and hospitals that demonstrate improved health outcomes.
  • Policy advocacy focused on improving the quality of health care and increasing access to health care for low-income populations in Chicago.

Programs must demonstrate linguistic and cultural competence and the ability to measure improvements in access to care and health status.